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Waveguide-integrated PIN photodiode on InP

: Bornholdt, C.; Döldissen, W.; Fiedler, F.; Kaiser, R.; Kowalsky, W.


Electronics Letters 23 (1987), Nr.1, S.2-4
ISSN: 0013-5194
Fraunhofer HHI ()
gallium arsenide; iii-v semiconductors; indium compounds; integrated optoelectronics; optical waveguides; photodiodes; vertical integration; p-i-n diodes; pin photodiode; inverted optical rib waveguide; 1.3 micron; InGaAs-InGaAsp-InP

An InGaAs PIN photodiode was vertically integrated with an inverted optical rib waveguide in InGaAsP. Guided light was transferred to and absorbed by the photodiode at a rate of 0.07 dB/ mu m. For detectors with sufficient length (>300 mu m) a responsivity of 0.81 A/W was achieved at 1.3 mu m wavelength.