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Use of a 2 micron CMOS array

: Langer, K.D.; Vathke, J.; Walf, G.

Elektronik-Journal 21 (1986), Nr.21, S.70-72, 74, 76
ISSN: 0013-5674
Fraunhofer HHI ()
cellular arrays; cmos integrated circuits; integrated logic circuits; ISDN; local area networks; switching circuits; cmos gate arrays; lan; cmos ic; 16*16 broadband switching matrix; broadband ISDN network; tv distribution network; 2.4k gate arrays; tv signals; 2 micron; 70 mbit/s

The authors present the 16*16 broadband switching matrix used in the broadband ISDN network (with 4096 input and output lines and a TV distribution network for 70 Mbit/s) developed for a local network by the Heinrich-Hertz Institute. The matrix is realised using 2.4K gate arrays in 2 micron CMOS technology and its low loss of 500 mW allows a compact matrix. They describe the matrix's control part, its extra functions, and the power loss and performance in 70 Mbit/s and TV signals.