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Video signal processor for real time operation

: Liebsch, W.; Zier, D.

Nachrichtentechnische Zeitschrift : NTZ 40 (1987), Nr.2, S.108-11
ISSN: 0027-707X
Fraunhofer HHI ()
computerised signal processing; encoding; real-time systems; signal processing equipment; video signals; video signal processor; real time operation; dpcm coding; prediction; interframe coding; digital filtering; aperture correction; ecl array; 10 ns

A real time system for applications such as DPCM coding with one or two-dimensional prediction, interframe coding, digital filtering and aperture correction, must have an operational time less than 10 ns. A system of several processors is required and time-critical functional units have to be built, preferably as gate arrays. An experimental system has been built in the Heinrich Hertz Institute; its arithmetic and logic unit is an ECL array with 2200 equivalent gates. Other functions are performed by discrete 100 k-ECL modules. The block diagram of the processor and the structure of two-dimensional DPCM with interframe prediction are shown.