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Characterization of murine non-adherent bone marrow cells leading to recovery of endogenous hematopoiesis

: Fricke, Stephan; Fricke, Christian; Oelkrug, Christopher; Hilger, Nadja; Schönfelder, Uta; Kamprad, Manja; Lehmann, Jörg; Boltze, Johannes; Emmrich, Frank; Sack, Ulrich


Cellular and molecular life sciences 67 (2010), Nr.23, S.4095-4106
ISSN: 1420-682X
ISSN: 1420-9071
Fraunhofer IZI ()
Transplantation; Stammzelle; transgenic mouse; real-time PCR

Non-adherent bone marrow-derived cells (NA-BMCs) are a mixed cell population that can give rise to multiple mesenchymal phenotypes and that facilitates hematopoietic recovery. We characterized NA-BMCs by flow cytometry, fibroblast colony-forming units (CFU-f), real-time PCR, and in in vivo experiments. In comparison to adherent cells, NA-BMCs expressed high levels of CD11b+ and CD90+ within the CD45+ cell fraction. CFU-f were significantly declining over the cultivation period, but NA-BMCs were still able to form CFU-f after 5 days. Gene expression analysis of allogeneic NA-BMCs compared to bone marrow (BM) indicates that NA-BMCs contain stromal, mesenchymal, endothelial cells and monocytes, but less osteoid, lymphoid, and erythroid cells, and hematopoietic stem cells. Histopathological data and analysis of weight showed an excellent recovery and organ repair of lethally irradiated mice after NA-BMC transplantation with a normal composition of the BM.