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Long-period variations of wind parameters in the mesopause region and the solar cycle dependence

: Greisiger, K.M.; Schminder, R.; Kurschner, D.

Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics 49 (1987), Nr.3, S.281-5
ISSN: 0021-9169
Fraunhofer HHI ()
mesosphere; solar-terrestrial relationships; upper atmosphere; wind; ad 1973 to 1984; long period variation; middle atmosphere; solar terrestrial relation; zonal wind; wind parameters; mesopause region; solar cycle dependence

A solar dependence of wind parameters below 100 km was found by Sprenger and Schminder on the basis of long-term continuous ionospheric drift measurements (D1) in the l.f. range. For winter they obtained for the prevailing wind a positive correlation with solar activity and for the amplitude of the semi-diurnal tidal wind a negative correlation. Later on this result was confirmed by radar meteor wind measurements (D2) at Obninsk and further D1 measurements at Kuhlungsborn and Collm. However, after the years 1972-4 a change in the behaviour of the zonal prevailing wind was observed. At this time we found a significant negative correlation with solar activity with an indication of a new change after 1983. This was obtained from D1 results in Collm and D2 results in Kuhlungsborn not only for winter, but also for summer and even for annual averages. The authors conclude that this long-term behaviour points rather to a climatic variation with an internal atmospheric cause than to a direct solar control.