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Mit Kohlenhydrat-Derivaten additivierte Gelatinezusammensetzungen

Composition, useful e.g. in molded body, medical technology and packaging for industrial purposes, and as cell growth promoting material and matrix material for cell culture, comprises gelatin, and polysaccharide derivatives, as additives
: Bohrisch, J.; Meyer, M.; Stachel, I.

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DE 102008059857 A: 20081201
DE 102008059857 A: 20081201
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(A1) Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft mit Kohlenhydrat-Derivaten additivierte Gelatinezusammensetzungen, wodurch reversible Eigenschaftsmodifizierungen der Gelatine erzielt werden koennen.


DE 102008059857 A1 UPAB: 20100714 NOVELTY - Composition (A) comprises: gelatin; and polysaccharide derivatives (I) and (II), as additives. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - Composition (A) comprises: gelatin; and polysaccharide derivatives of formulae (I) and (II), as additives. D = -CH2OR1, -CH2O-(CH2)n-COOR1, -CH2O-(CH2)n-COOR2, -CH2O-(CH2)m-OR1, -COOR1 or -COOR2; A = -O-(CH(R1))n-E, -O-C(O)-(CH2)n-CH3, -O-C(O)-(CH2)n-C(O)-(OCH2CH2)n-OR1 or OH (for the case that at least a part of the residue D is not -CH2OH); n = 1-24; E = -OR1, -N+(R1)2, -N+(R1)3/X-, -COOR2, -SO3R2 or 6-18C aryl-SO3R2; X- = negatively charged counter ion; R2 = H or Y+; Y+ = positively charged counter ion; R1 = H, 1-12C alkyl, 2-12C alkenyl, 2-12C alkynyl, 7-18C aralkyl, 6-18C aryl, 6-18C heteroaryl and/or -C(O)-(CH2)n-CH3; m = not defined; a/(a+b) = 0.1-1; B1 = -N(R1)-(CH(R1))n-E, -N-C(O)-(CH2)n-CH3, -N-C(O)-(CH2)n-C(O)-(OCH2CH2)n-OR1, -N+(R1)3/X- or a heterocyclic group of formula (a); c/(c+d+e) = 0.01-1; d/(c+d+e) = 0-0.4; and e/(c+d+e) = 0-0.99. Where in (I) and (II), underlying monomeric saccharide units in any order and alpha -1,4- or beta -1,4 can glycosidically linked to one another. USE - (A) is useful: in molded body, medical technology, packaging for industrial purposes, medical devices, and food and pharmaceuticals; as surface coatings, biocidal coatings, cell growth promoting material, a flat implant material in the form of nonwovens or films, an additive in adhesives for medical and technical purposes, an additive in food preparations, a matrix material for cell culture and tissue engineering, a coating for medicinal suture materials and textile fibers for clothing and technical purposes; for capsules, producing hemostatic sponges, and coating paper, foil, textiles and other support materials for medical and technical applications (all claimed). ADVANTAGE - (A) is biocompatible and has improved mechanical properties such as melting point, viscosity, gel strength and solubility.