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Variability of lower ionosphere electron density profiles measured by partial-reflection sounding at mid-latitude

: Singer, W.; Bremer, J.; Hoffmann, P.; Taubenheim, J.

Gerlands Beiträge zur Geophysik 96 (1987), Nr.3-4, S.352-361
ISSN: 0016-8696
Fraunhofer HHI ()
d-region; e-region; ionosphere; ad 1982; ad 1983; winter anomaly; variation; midlatitude; middle latitude; altitude km 0070 to 0090; lower ionosphere electron density profiles; variability; precipitating particle fluxes; 70 to 90 km; no

Electron density profiles in the height between 70 and 90 km are measured at Juliusruh (54.6 degrees N, 13.4 degrees E) by partial reflection sounding at 3.18 MHz, using the frequency-modulated, c.w. radar technique. A series of electron density profiles obtained on 40 days in winter 1982/1983 is analyzed with respect to their variability, connected with the mid-latitude 'winter anomaly', as well as to enhanced ionization by precipitating magnetospheric particles during a post-geomagnetic storm effect (PSE) in February, 1983. From these data, quantitative estimates of precipitating particle fluxes are made, and a maximum enhancement of neutral nitric oxide concentration during the climax of the PSE by a factor of about 5 compared to quiet conditions at 86 km has been derived.