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An experimental optical local area network using fast circuit switching

: Burmeister, M.; Hermes, T.; Raub, F.; Saniter, J.; Schmidt, F.; Werner, W.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -IEEE-:
Innovations in Switching Technology. International Switching Symposium 1987. Proceedings. Vol.4 : Phoenix, AZ, USA, 15-20 March 1987
New York, NY: IEEE, 1987
International Switching Symposium <1987, Phoenix/Ariz.>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
digital communication systems; local area networks; optical fibres; optical links; optical lan; voice services; distributed switching; call setup time; fast circuit switching; local communications system; subscriber stations; ISDN; data services; high-speed data services; system capacity; star-type network; optical fibers; star coupler; call release times; 0.512 to 4 mbit/s; 16 mbit/s; 2 ms

An experimental local communications system designed for 63 subscriber stations is described. Four subscriber stations have been installed, each capable of serving more than one subscriber. This system supports ISDN voice and data services as well as high-speed data services selectable from 512 kb/s up to 4 Mb/s with a total usable system capacity of 16 Mb/s. Distributed switching is used within a star-type network which is realized by means of optical fibers and a star coupler. Within the whole system fast circuit switching is used to serve bursty users without significant signaling overhead. The call setup and call release times have been measured to be less than 2 ms.