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HDTV colorimetry and gamma considering the visibility of noise and quantization errors

: Schafer, R.; Kauff, P.

SMPTE journal 96 (1987), Nr.9, S.822-33
ISSN: 0036-1682
Fraunhofer HHI ()
analogue-digital conversion; codecs; colorimetry; colour television; picture processing; video signals; noise errors; linear coding; HDTV colorimetry; gamma; quantization errors; color processing; cielab coding; color primaries; precorrection; cielab codec; contrast ratio; luminance

Three methods of color processing for HDTV-conventional, linear, and CIELAB coding-have been investigated, considering different color primaries, different characteristics for precorrection, and the visibility of noise and quantization errors. The CIELAB codec with REGEBE primaries situated on the spectrum locus, precorrection with a gamma gamma =0.33, and a contrast ratio KS=100 turned out to be the best solution among the three systems because it provides a wide color gamut, a good uniformity for both noise and quantization errors, and constant luminance.