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Simultaneous fabrication of very low resistance ohmic contacts to n-InP and p-InGaAs

: Kaumanns, R.; Grote, N.; Bach, H.-G.; Fidorra, F.

Institute of Physics, Bristol:
Gallium arsenide and related compounds 1987. Proceedings
1988 (Institute of Physics - Conference Series 91)
ISBN: 0-85498-182-9
International Symposium on Gallium Arsenide and Related Compounds <14, 1987, Heraklion>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
diffusion in solids; etching; gallium arsenide; gold; iii-v semiconductors; indium compounds; metallisation; ohmic contacts; semiconductor-metal boundaries; titanium; zinc; semiconducting materials; n-type material; metallization; ar+-sputter etching treatment; diffusion; doped spin-on glass; selective-wet etching step; p-type material; simultaneous fabrication; specific contact resistances; Zn; Ti-Au-InP; Ti-Au-InGaAs

A process to simultaneously form high-quality ohmic contacts to n-InP and p-InGaAs has been developed. Ti-Au metallization was applied to n-InP following an Ar+-sputter etching treatment and to p-InGaAs after Zn diffusion from doped spin-on glass. Utilizing a selective-wet etching step for the p-type material permits simultaneous fabrication of these contacts with specific contact resistances of well below 1*10-6 Omega cm2.