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A model of the Lagrangian mean transport by ultra-long stationary waves

: Peters, D.; Schmitz, G.

Zeitschrift für Meteorologie 38 (1988), Nr.1, S.1-9
ISSN: 0084-5361
Fraunhofer HHI ()
atmospheric movements; meteorology; atmosphere; quasigeostrophic; lagrangian mean transport; ultra-long stationary waves; zonal mean circulation; ultralong wave; quasi-geostrophic model; tracer distribution; troposphere

The zonal mean circulation induced by the ultralong wave k=1 has been determined by a simple quasi-geostrophic model. The zonal mean tracer distribution dependence on phase differences between orographical and thermally forced waves is discussed. It is shown that the divergence of Q' Psi ' has a large influence on the Lagrangian mean vertical velocity. The divergence of Q' Psi ' shows large variations dependent on the phase of orographical and thermally forced waves mainly in the troposphere. The phase difference in the forcing of the wave k=1 between orography and surface temperature can change the induced Lagrangian mean vertical velocities and also the mean tracer transport.