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Performance of rearrangeable nonblocking 4*4 switch matrices on LiNbO3

: Hoffman, D.; Heidrich, H.; Ahlers, H.; Fluge, M.K.

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 6 (1988), Nr.7, S.1232-40
ISSN: 0733-8716
Fraunhofer HHI ()
integrated optics; lithium compounds; optical communication equipment; switching systems; optical communication; rearrangeable nonblocking 4*4 switch matrices; multilayer electrode; switching voltages; dc drift; insertion loss; crosstalk; tolerances; stability; operating points; 4 to 7 db; linbo3; au; ito-au; insno-au

The design, fabrication, and characterization of rearrangeable nonblocking 4*4 switch matrices and the development of a novel ITO (indium-tin-oxide)/Au multilayer electrode that leads to low switching voltages and low DC drift is reported. Results on electrode systems, insertion loss, crosstalk, tolerances in the coupling length, and stability obtained for eight fabricated matrices are given. In comparison to the SiO2 buffer layers, a reduction in the switching voltage of a factor of 0.66 has been achieved. Insertion losses of fiber pigtailed modules are in the range between 4 and 7 dB. The crosstalk has still to be improved. The stability of the operating points of the switches has been analyzed, showing that the devices must be operated in closed dark housings with a passivation layer in order to avoid optical damage effects from ambient light and to protect them against physical and chemical influences.