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LOCNET-an experimental communications system using optical routing

: Bunning, H.; Burmeister, M.; Hermes, T.; Raub, F.; Saniter, J.; Schmidt, F.; Werner, W.

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 6 (1988), Nr.7, S.1241-7
ISSN: 0733-8716
Fraunhofer HHI ()
local area networks; optical fibres; optical links; switching systems; fibre optics; lan; locnet; optical routing; distributed switching; ISDN; high-speed data communication; star coupler; line tapping; videophone; space-division-switching; switching matrices; linbo3 optical switches

Experiences gained with the installation and operation of an experimental communication system are reported. The system uses distributed switching in its narrow-band part, integrating ISDN services and high-speed data communication, and a star coupler as a central device. LiNbO3 optical switches behind the star coupler prevent line tapping. In the wideband subsystem, optical routing is used for videophone. The central device is a space-division-switching unit consisting of cascaded 4*4 LiNbO3 switching matrices. Both the narrowband and wideband parts of the system have been operated with bit error rates less than 10-9.