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Approaches to the traffic performance evaluation of a broadband switching control

: Giglmayr, J.

CMG '86, International Conference on Management and Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems. Conference proceedings : Las Vegas, NV, USA, 9-12 Dec 1986
Alexandria, Va.: Computer Measurement Group, 1986
International Conference on Management and Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems (CMG) <1986, Las Vegas/Nev.>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
broadband networks; performance evaluation; petri nets; queueing theory; telecommunication traffic; traffic performance evaluation; traffic modelling; broadband switching control; queueing network; petri net

Two different traffic modelling and evaluation techniques applied to a broadband switching control are presented: (1) The queueing approach, and (2) the Petri net approach. In particular, the queueing network representing the entire control unit is decomposed into subsystems which then are analysed in isolation and the final results are obtained by superposition. Within the Petri net approach the large system under investigation is mapped into a very compact net whose size is independent of the number of processors. For the evaluation of the stochastic Petri net the decomposition of the transition rate matrix representing the net is introduced. Finally, the results obtained by these approaches are presented graphically and compared.