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Technical solutions for a sequential HDTV-production standard with todays technology

: Schäfer, Ralf; Kauff, P.; Chen, S.C.

Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Ottawa:
Third International Colloquium on Advanced Television Systems, HDTV '87. Colloquium proceedings : Ottawa, Ont., Canada, 4-8 Oct 1987
Montreal: CBC Eng., 1987
International Colloquium on Advanced Television Systems (HDTV) <3, 1987, Ottawa>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
filtering and prediction theory; high definition television; picture processing; signal processing; television standards; video signals; video tape recorders; vtr; sequential HDTV-production standard; sequential scanning; 4-channel camera-system; signal format; scanned HDTV signals; diagonal frequency shaping; line quincunx subsampling structure

The authors discuss the problems of sequential scanning and present a 4-channel camera-system which avoids these problems. A signal format for storing sequentially scanned HDTV signals without exceeding the bandwidth of commercially available VTR's is proposed. This format uses diagonal frequency shaping followed by a line quincunx subsampling structure.