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Three-dimensional subband-coding of HDTV signals with 140 Mbit/s

: Schamel, G.

IEE Electronics Division:
Third International Conference on Image Processing and its Applications : 18 - 20 July 1989; venue: University of Warwick, UK
London: IEE, 1989 (IEE conference publication 307)
ISBN: 0-85296-382-3
International Conference on Image Processing and Its Applications <3, 1989, Coventry>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
encoding; high definition television; picture processing; video signals; subband-coding; HDTV signals; picture degradations; spatial-temporal decomposition; video signal; motion adaptive filter; 140 mbit/s

Subband coding is a very popular technique for reducing the bit rate of digitized HDTV signals from about 1 GBits/s to les than 140 MBits/s. Different frequency bands can be produced and independently coded by adapting coding methods to the characteristics of the subbands and utilizing the decreasing subjective visibility of picture degradations in the high frequency subbands. In this paper, a new subband technique is suggested. The procedure is based on spatial-temporal decomposition into two subbands. The digitized video signal is processed with a motion adaptive filter that utilizes both the spatial and the temporal frequency content.