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About some turbulent and mesoscale processes in the coastal region

: Neisser, J.; Foken, T.; Bull, G.; Richter, S.H.; Weimann, M.; Gerstmann, W.; Weiss, J.; Kohlmeyer, H.; Baum, W.; Schindler, V.; Finke, U.

Zeitschrift für Meteorologie 40 (1990), Nr.1, S.38-49
ISSN: 0084-5361
Fraunhofer HHI ()
atmospheric boundary layer; atmospheric movements; atmospheric temperature; atmospheric turbulence; gravity waves; sodar; julex-87; mesoscale processes; coastal region; boundary-layer experiment; turbulence; gravity-wave; wind; roughness; thermal stratification; temperature structure parameters

Within the framework of a joint experiment of the Meteorological Main Observatory of the Meteorological Service of the GDR (MS) and the Heinrich-Hertz-Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the GDR (HHI), a special boundary-layer experiment was carried out using a turbulence measuring technique (MS), vertical-SODAR and a gravity-wave measuring network (HHI). For selected turbulence characteristics, in correspondence with the main wind direction, an evident dependence on roughness and thermal stratification was obtained. The possibility to investigate interactions between coherent and turbulent processes is discussed. For the signal of the SODAR-device a highly significant relation to the directly measured temperature structure parameters was derived.