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Subjective assessments of dynamic visual noise interference in 3D TV pictures

: Pastoor, S.; Beldie, I.P.

Proceedings of the SID 30 (1989), Nr.3, S.211-215
ISSN: 0734-1768
ISSN: 0036-1496
Fraunhofer HHI ()
random noise; standards; television interference; video signals; visual perception; stereoscopic picture; tv interference; dynamic visual noise interference; 3d tv pictures; noise patterns; in-depth separation; standard subjective assessment; signal-to-noise ratio

Stereoscopic pictures are often said to appear clearer, i.e. less noisy, than flat pictures of the same technical quality. The authors argue that two factors may be involved in the subjective effect of visual noise interferences, namely the degree of correlation between the noise patterns of the left- and right-eye picture and the in-depth separation between a stereoscopically localized noise and the displayed objects. An exploratory study was conducted to test if a standard subjective assessment procedure would reveal any substantial effects of both factors. Results were that subjective impairment decreased significantly when correlation decreased, while the effect of in-depth separation was only marginal. Regarding TV applications, it is concluded that under specified conditions the signal-to-noise ratio of 3D TV may be about 3 dB smaller than that of an iso-quality 2D TV.