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Coherent OFDM switching systems


EFOC/LAN 90. The Eighth European Fibre Optic Communication and Local Area Networks Exposition. Proceedings : June 27-28, 1990, Munich, Federal Republic of Germany
Basel: IGI Europe, 1990
European Fiber Optic Communications and Local Area Networks Exposition (EFOC LAN) <8, 1990, München>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
frequency division multiplexing; optical filters; optical links; optical switches; optical coherent multicarrier switching nodes; transparent signal exchange; routing stages; system architectures; coherent optical fdm; cascading; frequency conversion stages; optical domain; tunable fiber filters; phase noise accumulation; optical remote switching

Optical coherent multicarrier switching nodes could provide transparent exchange of signals by cascading routing and frequency conversion stages where the application data remain in the optical domain. System architectures and experimental results are presented concerning tunable fiber filters, all optical frequency conversion and phase noise accumulation. Additionally an optical remote switching experiment is reported.