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Filtering, scanning and coding of HDTV-signals

: Schamel, G.

Fernseh- + Kino-Technik : FKT 44 (1990), Nr.12, S.682-6
ISSN: 0015-0142
Fraunhofer HHI ()
broadband networks; digital filters; encoding; high definition television; ISDN; picture processing; video signals; 3d subscanning; motion-controlled picture dissection; scanning; coding; data rate; HDTV-line interlace signal; broadband digital channel; b-ISDN; 1 Gbit/s; 140 mbit/s

A coding procedure is described by means of which the data rate of a HDTV-line interlace signal of about 1 Gbit/s can be reduced to less than 140 Mbit/s without visionally perceptible impairment of the picture quality and transmitted via a broadband digital channel of the future B-ISDN. Thereby the picture is dissected in a motion-controlled manner and subscanned three-dimensionally.