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Au-delà du business actuel

La remise en question du modèle d'affaires
Beyond the current business. The interrogation of the business model. Más allá de los negocios actuales. Interrogación de los modelos de negocio
: Schimpf, Sven; Sturm, F.

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International journal of projectics (2009), Nr.3, S.53-64
ISSN: 2031-9703
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Rapid changes in the economic situation raise many problems for companies and make management decisions increasingly more complex. A simple adaptation of existing products does not seem sufficient any longer for ensuring lasting success in the markets. Therefore a large number of companies have decided to revise their "business models" (BM). In this paper, the authors present a method for consideration of the usefulness of their BM by the executives and those with responsibility. This method makes it possible to put their BM to test in order to discover its weaknesses as well as its future potential for use in changing environments.