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The middle atmosphere dynamics in winter reflected by height-time cross-sections of rocket-based temperature and wind data from Heis Island, Volgograd and Akhtopol

: Entzian, G.; Tarasenko, D.A.; Milenkova, L.

Zeitschrift für Meteorologie 41 (1991), Nr.2, S.110-113
ISSN: 0084-5361
Fraunhofer HHI ()
atmospheric movements; atmospheric temperature; mesosphere; stratosphere; wind; rocket-based temperature data; august to april; ad 1978 to 1990; zonal wind speeds; soviet union; middle latitudes; high latitudes; middle atmosphere dynamics; winter; height-time cross-sections; wind data; volgograd; akhtopol; rocket flights; heis island; ussr; bulgaria; 20 to 80 km; 0 to 150 m/s; -100 to 0 degc; 173 to 273 k

More than 1200 rocket flights were used to prepare height-time cross-sections of temperature and wind during individual winters at Heis Island and Volgograd, USSR (since 1978-9), and Akhtopol, Bulgaria (since 1984-5) in the height region of 20 to 80 km. As an example of the compilation, the mean normal behaviour above Volgograd and the behaviour of the winter of 1987-8 at all three stations are described in detail.