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Visibility thresholds for disparity quantization errors in stereoscopic displays

: Kost, B.; Pastoor, S.

Proceedings of the SID 32 (1991), Nr.2, S.165-170
ISSN: 0734-1768
ISSN: 0036-1496
Fraunhofer HHI ()
coding errors; display instrumentation; encoding; picture processing; visual perception; source coding; computer-generated stereoscopic line patterns; disparity quantization errors; stereoscopic displays; depth binocularly; depth resolution; 3d displays; visual effects; depth quantization errors; psycho-optical experiment; visual sensitivity; visibility threshold; arc disparity; human stereoscopic acuity threshold

The human visual system is capable of perceiving minute differences in depth binocularly. On the other hand several factors may limit the depth resolution capabilities of 3D displays. In an extreme case, when depth resolution is very low, displayed objects appear to belong to layers of flat scenery at distinct positions in depth, and any object motion in depth appears jerky. The authors deal with visual effects of specific depth quantization errors which may arise when disparity-based methods are applied. Respective methods are briefly introduced. A psycho-optical experiment is reported examining visual sensitivity to disparity quantization effects. Computer-generated stereoscopic line patterns moving in depth were used as test stimuli. For the most critical test condition, the visibility threshold of quantization effects was found to be 0.8 minutes of arc disparity. This value is yet notably larger than the human stereoscopic acuity threshold.