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140 Mbit/s FSK heterodyne multichannel TV-transmission/distribution system over 11 km of installed fiber with the capability of supplying 256 subscribers


ECOC 90 Amsterdam. Vol.1: Regular papers : 16th European Conference on Optical Communications, September 16 - 20, 1990, International Congress Centre RAI, Europaplein, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Amsterdam: IOS Press, 1990
ISBN: 90-5199-037-5
European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) <16, 1990, Amsterdam>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
cable television; frequency shift keying; optical links; optical modulation; cmi coded fsk signal; fsk heterodyne multichannel tv- transmission/distribution system; monomode-fiber; all-fiber optical polarization diversity frontend; all-fiber polarization independent supervisor unit; sensitivity; performance; 140 mbit/s

A 140 Mbit/s CMI line coded FSK coherent optical TV-distribution multichannel experiment is described. The system works over 11 km monomode-fiber, which is installed between the Heinrich Hertz Institut and the broadcasting station SFB. The system uses an all-fiber optical polarization diversity frontend, an all-fiber polarization independent supervisor unit and has a sensitivity of -47.8 dBm even at an IF linewidth of more than 80 MHz. System performance measurements are shown for a period of 54 h.