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A comparison of different HDTV-standards using subjective and objective criteria

: Schafer, R.; Chen, S.C.; Kauff, P.; Leptin, M.

Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Ottawa:
Fourth International Colloquium on Advanced Television Systems, HDTV 90. Colloquium Proceedings. Vol.1 : Ottawa, Ont., Canada, 25-29 June 1990
Montreal: CBC Eng., 1990
International Colloquium on Advanced Television Systems (HDTV) <4, 1990, Ottawa>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
high definition television; television standards; televisions production; interlaced standard; linequincunx standard; static resolution; objective comparison; subjective tests; HDTV-standards; hdp; eureka 95 project; program exchange; hdi; hdq; dynamic resolution; noise performance; postprocessing capability; recording

Progressive or sequential scan (HDP) has been proposed by the EUREKA 95 project for worldwide production and program exchange. However technology seems not yet ready for this standard and therefore two substandards-interlaced (HDI) and linequincunx (HDQ)-are considered for production and transmission. These three standards have been compared objectively with respect to static and dynamic resolution, noise performance, postprocessing capability and recording as well as subjectively by carrying out comparison tests.