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Estimating movement in HDTV sequences

: Baumgart, H.

Fernseh- + Kino-Technik : FKT 46 (1992), Nr.4, S.267-9
ISSN: 0015-0142
Fraunhofer HHI ()
colour television cameras; high definition television; visual perception; movement estimation; camera movement; algorithm; automatic method; HDTV sequences; subjective perception

Rapid camera movements caused by pictures filling the whole screen in HDTV can cause problems for quick cuts and are a cause of viewer strain. It would therefore appear useful to have an automatic process for measuring this movement. The values could be regarded as indicators for camera movement during cutting, etc. This article suggests an algorithm for a simple and quick automatic method of estimating the subjective total movement content in HDTV sequences. The results correlate well with the subjective perception of viewers.