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Experimental systems for future coherent optical TV distribution and bidirectional communication

: Meissner, P.; Saniter, J.

Nachrichtentechnik, Elektronik : NE 42 (1992), Nr.5, S.171-4
ISSN: 0092-668X
ISSN: 0323-4657
Fraunhofer HHI ()
cable television; frequency division multiplexing; network topology; optical couplers; optical links; coherent optical tv distribution; bidirectional communication; frequency stabilisation; receiver sensitivity; transversal twin-guided tunable laser; fast receiver tuning; coherent optical broadband island project; stabilisation; distributed lasers; tunable receivers; network topologies; star couplers

In section 1 the TV distribution system is described, with particular reference to frequency stabilisation, receiver sensitivity, and the use of a transversal twin-guided tunable laser (linewidth less than 12 MHz) for fast receiver tuning. Section 2 turns to the use of frequency division multiplexing in the context of the Coherent Optical Broadband Island project. Important aspects of this project are the stabilisation of the distributed lasers, the further development of tunable receivers, and the investigation of appropriate network topologies. The use of star couplers for the latter is discussed in some detail.