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Stereo and motion correspondence in a sequence of stereo images

: Liu, J.; Skerjanc, R.

Image communication 5 (1993), Nr.4, S.305-18
ISSN: 0923-5965
Fraunhofer HHI ()
image sequences; motion estimation; stereo image processing; motion correspondence; stereo image sequences; motion analysis; stereo estimation; image pyramid; edge-point matching; dynamic programming; disparity estimation; disparity vectors; motion vectors; cost function; spatial information; algorithms

In this paper, an approach with combined stereo and motion analysis to establish correspondences in a sequence of stereo images is outlined. The advantages of the presented approach are (1) in both the motion and stereo estimation no restriction on rigid and/or planar objects is assumed; (2) by introducing the image pyramid in the matching process-pyramid guided edge-point matching for motion estimation and multi-resolutional dynamic programming for disparity estimation-large motion and disparity vectors can be computed easily; (3) in order to exclude ambiguities with the dynamic programming, the cost function takes the interline, interframe and multi-resolutional spatial information into account. Both the algorithms for the stereo and motion estimation are presented here, together with some experimental results on images obtained from natural scenes containing motion.