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Subband coding at 140 Mbit/s of interlaced HDTV signals

: Lameillieure, J. de; Stammnitz, P.; Schamel, G.; Stenger, L.; Knoll, A.; Capodiferro, L.; Bruyland, I.; Simon, S.; Feng, F.; Eycken, L. van; Somogyi, T.

Vandewalle, J.; Boite, R.; Moonen, M.; Oosterlinck, A.:
Signal processing VI. Theories and applications. Proceedings of EUSIPCO-92
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 1992
ISBN: 0-444-89587-6
European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO) <6, 1992, Brussels>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
high definition television; image coding; pulse-code modulation; video signals; interlaced HDTV; cost 206 project; digital coding; subband splitting techniques; subband coding; low-pass subband; 4-channel spatial subband coding; motion compensation; intrafield dpcm coding; motion compensated prediction; 16-channel spatial subband coding; hierarchical coding scheme; spatio-temporal subband splitting; arithmetic coding; 140 mbit/s

One of the major research topics of the COST 206 project is the digital coding of interlaced HDTV signals with subband splitting techniques. The management committee of the project decided to consider subband coding because of the possibility of compatible coding: in HDTV coding, a low-pass subband can be taken as the compatible TV picture. Also, the possible application in broadband-ISDN networks made subband coding interesting. Several coding schemes have been proposed. The authors describe the proposed schemes, and compare their results. The following coding schemes have been compared during the tests: 4-channel spatial subband coding with motion compensation of lowpass band; 4-channel spatial subband coding with motion compensation of all band; subband splitting with intrafield DPCM coding of subbands; motion compensated prediction and 16-channel spatial subband coding; hierarchical coding scheme; and spatio-temporal subband splitting with arithmetic coding.