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Semiconductor laser amplifier as optical switching gate

: Ehrhardt, A.; Eiselt, M.; Grossopf, G.; Kuller, L.; Ludwig, R.; Pieper, W.; Schnabel, R.; Weber, H.G.


Journal of Lightwave Technology 11 (1993), Nr.8, S.1287-95
ISSN: 0733-8724
Fraunhofer HHI ()
optical switches; packet switching; semiconductor lasers; semiconductor switches; optical switching gate; semiconductor laser amplifier; gain; contrast ratio; switching time; injection current; optical input power; cavity resonances; semiconductor laser amplifier gates; self-routing; cascaded switching gates; switching system

The properties of a semiconductor laser amplifier as optical switching gate are investigated. Particular attention is paid to gain, contrast ratio, and switching time of the device. These properties are studied experimentally and theoretically with respect to the injection current, optical input power, and cavity resonances. The experimental arrangements and the theoretical method are described. As an example of the various applications of semiconductor laser amplifier gates, packet switching experiments with self-routing, employing cascaded switching gates, are reported. In a theoretical analysis the restrictions that the properties of semiconductor laser amplifier gates impose on a larger switching system consisting of many such gates are investigated.