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Aspects of team communication with multi-party video conferencing

Presentation held at Visual & Vocal Communication (VVC), Rome, Italy, 2007
: Stocklöw, Carsten; Steuernagel, Michael; Berres, Armin; Krafzig, Urs; Noll, Stefan

Rome, 2007, 11 S.
Conference "Visual & Vocal Communication" (VVC) <2, 2007, Rome>
Reportnr.: 07rp015-GRIS
Fraunhofer IGD ()
video conferencing; computer communication network; network based video application; collaboration; teleconferencing

A desktop multiparty videoconferencing system should support communication tasks in real life situations. Especially in the case of team communication several different scenarios can be named which are discussed in this paper. Currently available software does not pay too much attention on supporting different use cases. This paper investigates how a multiparty conference system can benefit from overlay network topologies like full mesh or application layer multicast.
The necessary network protocol features of a video conference tool are discussed: multiple sources support, optimized bandwidth usage, latency avoidance, jitter correction, scalability, fault tolerance, real time adjustment and overlay distribution network. A concept for secure and reliable communication channels is also mentioned.