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18 GHz all-optical frequency locking and clock recovery using a self-pulsating two-section DFB-laser

: Feiste, U.; As, D.J.; Ehrhardt, A.


IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 6 (1994), Nr.1, S.106-8
ISSN: 1041-1135
Fraunhofer HHI ()
clocks; distributed feedback lasers; laser mode locking; optical communication equipment; optical information processing; optical modulation; semiconductor lasers; all-optical frequency locking; clock recovery; self-pulsating; two-section dfb-laser; multi-section; high speed signal processing; locking behaviour; sinusoidal modulation; locking range; all-optical clock recovery; optical bit pattern; peak-power; semiconductor laser diodes; 17.6 GHz; 220 mhz; 7 muw; 150 muw

The suitability of self-pulsating multi-section DFB lasers for high speed signal processing is shown. First, the locking behaviour to an injected 17.6 GHz signal with sinusoidal modulation is investigated and a locking range of 220 MHz is estimated using a modulated optical power of 7 mu W. Second, all-optical clock recovery is demonstrated at 17.6 Gbit/s by replacing the sinusoidal modulation by an optical bit pattern with a peak-power of 150 mu W.