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Stereoscopic remote display in video communication

: Runde, D.

Nachrichtentechnische Zeitschrift : NTZ 47 (1994), Nr.5, S.318-22, 324
ISSN: 0027-707X
Fraunhofer HHI ()
document image processing; facsimile equipment; stereo image processing; three-dimensional displays; video equipment; imaging of documents; video communication; electronic conversion; three-dimensional object presentations; input models; stereoscopic remote display

Besides the pure transmission of personal images, the imaging of documents and objects has considerable prominence in video communication, requiring the ability to display specific details. The importance of electronic conversion of the display treatment already arose from earlier investigations. In three-dimensional object presentations it is nearly possible to control and present the indicator stereoscopically. In a first step, such an indicator was implemented in an experimental set-up. Two different input models were developed and tested in exploratory user investigations. The stereoscopic remote display was sensed as helpful and useful, whereby one of the two input models was established as advantageous.