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Transparent, all-optical interconnection of two independent experimental OFDM-LANs via one central node



IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 7 (1995), Nr.1, S.95-7
ISSN: 1041-1135
Fraunhofer HHI ()
compensation; fibre lasers; frequency division multiplexing; optical fibre couplers; optical fibre lan; optical fibre losses; optical fibre subscriber loops; optical interconnections; transparent all-optical interconnection; independent experimental ofdm-lans; one central node; all-optical transparent interconnection; fiber amplifiers; network loss compensation; fully engineered; microprocessor-controlled; absolute frequency stabilized subscriber stations; full duplex star coupler; central node; frequency re-use; realized network extension; optical frequency division multiplexing

The all-optical transparent interconnection of two experimental OFDM-LANs is demonstrated. Fiber amplifiers are used to compensate network losses. Each LAN is equipped with four fully engineered, microprocessor- controlled, absolute frequency stabilized subscriber stations. The interconnection is realized utilizing a full duplex star coupler as central node. A proposal to extend the realized network for frequency re-use is given.