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Active silicon CMOS addressing matrices for light-valve projection displays



Displays. Technology and applications 16 (1995), Nr.1, S.21-6
ISSN: 0141-9382
Fraunhofer HHI ()
CMOS integrated circuits; elemental semiconductors; high definition television; integrated circuit technology; large screen displays; optical films; optical projectors; packaging; semiconductor technology; silicon; spatial light modulators; viscoelasticity; cmos addressing matrices; light-valve projection display; design; fabrication; monolithic active matrices; metallized viscoelastic light-valve control layers; standard silicon cmos technology; optimized surface planarity; on-chip addressing circuitry; HDTV; read-out light; xenon are lamp; colour schlieren-optical dark-field projection system; medium-sized active matrices; 30 V; Si

In the second part of this three-paper series, the design and the fabrication of monolithic active matrices for addressing metallized viscoelastic light-valve control layers are described together with the required external electronics. The active matrices were fabricated by means of standard silicon CMOS technology. Special matrix features are signal-handling capabilities of 30 V, optimized surface planarity and extremely low light sensitivity. The on-chip addressing circuitry exceeds HDTV speed requirements. Three identical matrix samples coated with metallized viscoelastic control layers were successfully demonstrated as spatial light modulators for the read-out light from a xenon are lamp in a full-colour schlieren-optical dark-field projection system. Results obtained with medium-sized active matrices are presented; larger matrix versions were already fabricated in small numbers, but not yet tested.