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Terrestrial transmission of DTVB signals-the European specification

: Schäfer, R.

Institution of Electrical Engineers -IEE-, London:
International Broadcasting Convention 1995
London: IEE, 1995 (Institution of Electrical Engineers - Conference Publication 413)
ISBN: 0-85296-644-X
International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) <1995, Amsterdam>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
digital television; high definition television; television broadcasting; television standards; audio coding; reed-solomon code; digital tv by satellite; digital tv by cable; digital tv broadcasting; cochannel interference; adjacent channel interference; terrestrial transmission; european specification; collaborative r&d projects; dttb; hd-divine; terrestrial dtvb system; european dvb project; user requirements; terrestrial commercial module; ofdm system; concatenated error correcting coding; two level hierarchy; channel coding/modulation; digital multi-programme transmission; uhf spectrum allocation; pal/secam services; standards; video coding; transport multiplex; mpeg-2; outer coding; inner coding

Considering the developments of the collaborative R&D projects dTTb, HD-DIVINE and HDTVT this paper describes the specification for a European, terrestrial DTVB system, which has been drafted under the umbrella of the European DVB project. This system has been designed to meet the user requirements established by the terrestrial commercial module (TCM) of DVB concerning flexibility, concerning suitability for fixed and portable reception and concerning SFN operation. An OFDM system with concatenated error correcting coding and an optional two level hierarchy for channel coding/modulation has been specified. This system is suitable for digital multi-programme transmission in existing UHF spectrum allocation while providing sufficient protection against co-channel and adjacent-channel interferences emanating from existing PAL/SECAM services. It shows a high degree of commonality with the DVB-systems for satellite and cable by using the same standards for audio and video coding as well as for transport multiplex according to the MPEG-2, an identical outer coding (RS) scheme and a similar inner coding scheme.