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200 fs optical pulses from a wavelength, repetition rate and pulse width tunable hybrid mode locked semiconductor laser

: Ehrhardt, A.; Ludwig, R.

ECOC '94. 20th European Conference on Optical Communication. Vol.1 : Sept. 25-29 1994 Firenze - Italy
Genova: Instituto Internazionale delle Comunicazioni, 1994
European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) <20, 1994, Firenze>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
ion beam effects; laser beams; laser cavity resonators; laser mode locking; laser tuning; semiconductor lasers; optical pulses; pulse width tunable; hybrid mode locked semiconductor laser; repetition rate; wavelength tunable; external cavity laser; n+-ion bombarded facet; fundamental mode repetition rate; optical communication applications; laser diode; 1440 to 1540 nm; 2 to 7 GHz; 17 ps to 200 fs; inp

A hybrid mode locked external cavity laser with N+-ion bombarded facet generates optical pulses tunable in wavelength from 1440 to 1540 nm, in fundamental mode repetition rate from 2 to 7 GHz and in pulse width from 17 ps to 200 fs.