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Reasoning with uncertain points, straight lines, and straight line segments in 2D

: Meidow, J.; Beder, C.; Förstner, W.


ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 64 (2009), Nr.2, S.125-139
ISSN: 0924-2716
Fraunhofer IOSB ()
spatial reasoning; uncertainty; homogeneous coordinates; geometric entities

Decisions based on basic geometric entities can only be optimal, if their uncertainty is propagated through the entire reasoning chain. This concerns the construction of new entities from given ones, the testing of geometric relations between geometric entities, and the parameter estimation of geometric entities based on spatial relations which have been found to hold.
Basic feature extraction procedures often provide measures of uncertainty. These uncertainties should be incorporated into the representation of geometric entities permitting statistical testing, eliminates the necessity of specifying non-interpretable thresholds and enables statistically optimal parameter estimation. Using the calculus of homogeneous coordinates the power of algebraic projective geometry can be exploited in these steps of image analysis.
This review collects, discusses and evaluates the various representations of uncertain geometric entities in 2D together with their conversions. The representations are extended to achieve a consistent set of representations allowing geometric reasoning. The statistical testing of geometric relations is presented. Furthermore, a generic estimation procedure is provided for multiple uncertain geometric entities based on possibly correlated observed geometric entities and geometric constraints.