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Development of a radio test set with subsequent derivation of wireless channel and noise models in factories by a measurement campain

: Tumdi, A.
: Hildebrandt, G.; Oswald, E.; Dahlhaus, D.; Bangert, A.

Kassel, 2010, 123 S.
Kassel, Univ., Master Thesis, 2010
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer ESK ()
cognitive Radio; spectrum occupancy; channel measurement; channel modeling; wireless factory; channel sounding

For better reliability, the wireless technology has become an inevitable part of any industry. The newly upcoming wireless technologies demands for new spectrum apportioned to industry. It should be kept in mind that Spectrum is not an infinite resource and now-a-days scarcity of Spectrum became a vital issue. A measurement campaign has revealed that Cognitive Radio will come out as a solution for utilization of the spectrum. Cognitive Radio uses the Spectrum in a pragmatic way without interfering the primary users. For deploying any wireless system, at first, the functioning of channel has been studied. Thus the channel models has been found for particular environment. To substantiate the surrounding effects, channel was sounded at different locations.