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A pulsed THz imaging system with a line focus and a balanced 1-D detection scheme with two industrial CCD line-scan cameras

: Wiegand, C.; Herrmann, M.; Bachtler, S.; Klier, J.; Molter, D.; Jonuscheit, J.; Beigang, R.

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Optics Express 18 (2010), Nr.6, S.5595-5601
ISSN: 1094-4087
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IPM ()
terahertz spectroscopy; terahertz imaging

We present a pulsed THz Imaging System with a line focus intended to speed up measurements. A balanced 1-D detection scheme working with two industrial line-scan cameras is used. The instrument is implemented without the need for an amplified laser system, increasing the industrial applicability. The instrumental characteristics are determined.