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Multimedia for the acquisition of skills: uses of moving pictures?

: Faber, J.; Meiers, T.; Ruschin, D.; Titze, K.

NTZ. Innovationen der Kommunikationstechnik 49 (1996), Nr.1, S.16-21
ISSN: 0027-707X
ISSN: 0948-728X
Fraunhofer HHI ()
cinematography; multimedia communication; technical presentation; training; motion picture presentations; acquisition of skills; kinematic relationships; sensory-motor actions; visual movements; multimedia information services

An investigation has been conducted into instances of motion picture presentations able to facilitate, or to permit for the first time, acquisition of skills. The question is answered for skills necessary in order to understand kinematic relationships, to execute sensory-motor actions or to identify visual movements with particular properties. The results are to be understood as a contribution to the shaping of multimedia information services to suit needs.