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Rearrangeable nonblocking polymer waveguide (4*4) switching matrix and its application to future OFDM systems

: Keil, N.; Yao, H.H.; Zawadzki, C.; Strebel, B.

European Institute for Communications and Networks, Geneve:
European Optical Communications and Networks. Proceedings. Vol.2: Papers on ATM, Networks and LANs : Thirteenth Annual Conference on European Fibre Optic Communications and Networks, Brighton, England, June 27 - 30, 1995
Basel: Verl. AKM, 1995
ISBN: 3-905084-39-2
Conference on European Fibre Optic Communications and Networks (EFOC&N) <13, 1995, Brighton>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
frequency division multiplexing; integrated optics; optical directional couplers; optical fibre networks; optical polymers; optical switches; thermo-optical effects; nonblocking polymer waveguide; switching matrix; optical fdm systems; thermo-optic switches; directional coupler type switches; fibre arrays; space stage; fabrication process; 1.55 mum

A rearrangeable nonblocking polymer waveguide (4*4) switching matrix operating at lambda =1.55 mu m is described which features a power consumption of as low as 30 mW per single switch. The matrix consists of eight thermo-optic (TO) (2*2) directional coupler (DC) type switches. A fibre-chip-fibre insertion loss of <9 dB, polarization sensitivity of <0.5 dB and response time of <1 ms were measured. The crosstalk was measured to be between -21.5 dB and -32.5 dB for different switching configurations. The matrix is packaged and pigtailed with fibre arrays to form a (4*4) switching module. The module is fixed in a control unit to form a rack-mountable (4*4) space stage. In this paper, the application and fabrication process of the space switches are described. The different polymer waveguide TO switching devices, i.e. a (2*2) switch, a (4*4) switch and a (4*4) matrix, and a fully engineered rack-mountable (4*4) space stage are reported.