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Decentralized frequency stabilization scheme for a dense OFDM system involving simple filters and an absolute reference

: Kruger, U.; Kruger, K.; Helmolt, C. von; Pawlowski, E.; Depovere, G.F.G.; Witlox, R.G.J.J.; Gils, R.A.J.C.M. van


Journal of Lightwave Technology 14 (1996), Nr.5, S.649-54
ISSN: 0733-8724
Fraunhofer HHI ()
absolute stability; frequency control; frequency division multiplexing; gradient index optics; lenses; michelson interferometers; optical couplers; optical fibre networks; optical films; optical filters; optical transmitters; decentralized frequency stabilization scheme; dense ofdm system; absolute reference; simple optical filters; frequency control scheme; transmitter frequency referencing; silica based optical frequency discriminator; absolute reference frequency; frequency-determining elements; coupler-based michelson interferometers; coated gradient-index lenses; grin lenses; ofdm based optical crossconnect-demonstrator; race 2065; cobra

A frequency control scheme is introduced where within each transmitter its frequency is referenced to a silica based optical frequency discriminator, which in addition is locked to an absolute reference frequency. An absolute stability of +or-1 GHz was achieved. As frequency-determining elements, coupler-based Michelson interferometers or coated gradient-index (GRIN) lenses were used. The described set-up is employed in an OFDM based optical crossconnect-demonstrator (RACE 2065; COBRA).