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Joint electrorefraction and electroabsorption in MQWs for digital switching with extremely low cross talk (< -45 dB)



IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society; Optical Society of America -OSA-, Washington/D.C.; IEEE Communications Society:
OFC '96. Optical Fiber Communication : February 25 - March 1, 1996, San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California
Washington, DC: OSA, 1996 (Optical Society of America -OSA-. Technical digest series 1996, 2)
ISBN: 1-557-52422-X
ISBN: 1-557-52423-8
ISBN: 1-557-52417-3
ISBN: 0-7803-3188-5
ISBN: 0-7803-3189-3
Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC) <19, 1996, San Jose/Calif>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
electro-optical switches; electroabsorption; optical communication equipment; optical crosstalk; refractive index; electro optical switches; electrorefraction; mqws; digital switching; extremely low cross talk; 1*2 space switch; refractive index change; absorption change; quantum confined stark effect; multiquantum wells; single voltage; cross talk

Summary form only given. We have demonstrated for the first time in a single 1*2 space switch based on absorption and refractive index change induced by the quantum confined Stark effect (QCSE) in multiquantum wells. It works with a single voltage and displays cross talk <-45 dB, a value which was only achievable with fiber switches.