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Static and dynamic Fresnel zone lenses for optical interconnections

: Ferstl, M.; Frisch, A.-M.


Journal of modern optics 43 (1996), Nr.7, S.1451-1462
ISSN: 0950-0340
ISSN: 1362-3044
Workshop on Diffractive Optics <1995, Prague>
Konferenzbeitrag, Zeitschriftenaufsatz
Fraunhofer HHI ()
electro-optical switches; lenses; liquid crystal devices; optical design techniques; optical fabrication; optical focusing; optical glass; optical interconnections; quartz; dynamic fresnel zone lenses; static fresnel zone lenses; fabrication; quartz glass; microstructuring techniques; off-axis lenses; on-axis lenses; focal lengths; apertures; blazed profile; discrete levels; electrically switchable lenses; structured surface; liquid crystal; optical properties; focal spot sizes; diffraction efficiencies; switching behaviour; dynamic lenses; design; switching properties; 1.52 mum to 633 nm; sio2

Static and dynamic Fresnel zone lenses were fabricated in quartz glass by means of microstructuring techniques. Two types of on-axis and off-axis lenses with different focal lengths and of different apertures were designed to operate at wavelengths of 1.52 mu m and 633 nm. The blazed profile of the on- axis and off-axis lenses was approximated by up to 16 and up to four discrete levels respectively. Dynamic, that is electrically switchable, lenses have been realized by filling the structured surface with a liquid crystal. The optical properties of the lenses, such as the focal spot sizes and the diffraction efficiencies, were investigated. Further the switching behaviour of the dynamic lenses was studied. The design and fabrication of the static and dynamic, on- and off-axis Fresnel zone lenses as well as their optical and switching properties will be presented.