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Self-aligned, fluxless flip-chip bonding technology for photonic devices



Electronic Industries Association -EIA-; IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society:
46th Electronic Components and Technology Conference 1996. Proceedings : May 28 - 31, 1996, Orlando, Florida
New York, NY: IEEE, 1996
ISBN: 0-7803-3286-5
ISBN: 0-7803-3287-3
ISBN: 0-7803-3288-1
Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) <46, 1996, Orlando/Fla.>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
flip-chip devices; metallisation; optical fabrication; optical waveguides; oxidation; soldering; self-aligned fluxless flip-chip bonding technology; photonic device; optical waveguide interconnect; electrical waveguide interconnect; assembly; fiber to tapered waveguide coupling; eutectic tin-lead solder; oxidation kinetics; thermodynamic boundary conditions; leach resistance; platinum thin-film metallization; sims depth profile; 250 c; snpb; pt; h2

The self-aligned flip-chip (FC) bonding technique is a very attractive means for the assembly of photonic devices containing multiple optical as well as electrical waveguide interconnects. In this article we propose a fluxless FC-bonding technology which nevertheless ensures efficient solder oxide reduction by applying molecular hydrogen (H2) under vacuum conditions. Bonding experiments were carried out in a newly developed FC-bonder of which some interesting details are reported. Reproducable bonding accuracies below the required tolerances for fiber to tapered waveguide coupling of