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A novel approach of in-situ investigation of the surface topography under near ECM-conditions

Ein neuer Ansatz für In-Situ-Untersuchungen der Oberflächentopographie unter Bedingungen nahe der elektrochemischen Abtragung
: Schneider, M.; Schroth, S.; Schubert, N.; Lämmel, C.; Michaelis, A.

Michaelis, A.; Schneider, M. ; Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme -IKTS-, Dresden:
International Symposium on ElectroChemical Machining Technology, INSECT 2009. Proceedings : 26. und 27. November 2009, Dresden
Stuttgart: Fraunhofer Verlag, 2009 (Applied electrochemistry in material science 1)
ISBN: 3-8396-0076-6
ISBN: 978-3-8396-0076-4
International Symposium on ElectroChemical Machining Technology (INSECT) <5, 2009, Dresden>
Fraunhofer IKTS ()

Electrochemical Machining is characterized by the aimed severe anodic dissolution of the material. To observe this process simultaneously and in-situ, we designed an electrochemical cell which scales the ECM parameters down to laboratory conditions. In contrast to a previous design the novel approach allows a near-ECM electrode configuration. We carried out galvanostatic pulse experiments with varying amplitudes on copper in sodium nitrate. The surface was microscopically observed and the change in roughness was semi-quantified using an optical laser. The copper removal was estimated by uv/vis-spectrometry of Cu2+-ions in the waste electrolyte. The most important result of the present work is the in-situ observation of the surface during the pulse experiments by an improved electrochemical cell. In contrast to an earlier cell we realized a more realistic electrode design according to technical ECM processes. This redesigned flow-cell guarantees a very homogeneous distribution of the current density over the whole surface. In consequence the interpretation of the results is very confidential. Now it is possible to distinguish different processes over the course of pulse time.