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The current status of thin-film electroluminescence

: Mauch, R.H.


Journal of the Society for Information Display 5 (1997), Nr.3, S.173-178
ISSN: 1071-0922
Fraunhofer HHI ()
electroluminescence; electroluminescent displays; flat panel displays; phosphors; reviews; thin-film electroluminescence; inorganic electroluminescence; organic electroluminescence; full-color displays; efficient blue material; stability problems; high-information-current; flat-panel-display

The current status of inorganic and organic electroluminescence (EL) is summarized. Emphasis is given to recent developments for full-color displays. Advantages and drawbacks of both technologies are discussed and possible fields of applications are identified. In the case of inorganic EL, the most important task is the development of an efficient blue material. Organic EL has to overcome stability problems if these technologies are to be considered for high-information-current full-color flat-panel-display applications.