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A tunable femtosecond modelocked semiconductor laser for applications in OTDM-systems


IEICE Transactions on Electronics E81-C (1998), Nr.2, S.140-5
ISSN: 0916-8524
Fraunhofer HHI ()
clocks; high-speed optical techniques; laser mode locking; laser tuning; optical fibre communication; optical transmitters; time division multiplexing; tunable femtosecond modelocked semiconductor laser; otdm-systems; external cavity modelocked semiconductor laser; tunability; pulse width; repetition rate; generated pulses; very high speed communication systems; pulse source; mechanically stable device; optical time division multiplexing experiments; all-optical clock recovery; interferometric switch; pump-probe experiments; 180 fs; 1.55 mum; 1.3 mum

In this paper, we describe the properties of an external cavity modelocked semiconductor laser with a tunability of wavelength, pulse width and repetition rate. This modelocked laser generates optical pulses with pulse widths down to 180 fs and with repetition rates up to 14 GHz in a 120 nm wavelength range near 1.55 mu m or 1.3 mu m. The generated pulses are close to the transform limit and are therefore suitable for very high speed communication systems. In addition to the tunability, this pulse source is a compact and mechanically stable device. We report on two applications of this pulse source in optical time division multiplexing experiments. In the first example the modelocked laser is used as an all-optical clock recovery. In the second example the modelocked laser was used to characterize an interferometric switch by pump-probe experiments.