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Assessment of numerical optimization algorithms for the development of molecular models

: Hülsmann, M.; Vrabec, J.; Maaß, A.; Reith, D.


Computer physics communications 181 (2010), Nr.5, S.887-905
ISSN: 0010-4655
Fraunhofer SCAI ()

In the pursuit to study the parameterization problem of molecular models with a broad perspective, this paper is focused on an isolated aspect: It is investigated, by which algorithms parameters can be best optimized simultaneously to different types of target data (experimental or theoretical) over a range of temperatures with the lowest number of iteration steps. As an example, nitrogen is regarded, where the intermolecular interactions are well described by the quadrupolar two-center Lennard-Jones model that has four state-independent parameters. The target data comprise experimental values for saturated liquid density, enthalpy of vaporization, and vapor pressure. For the purpose of testing algorithms, molecular simulations are entirely replaced by fit functions of vapor-liquid equilibrium (VLE) properties from the literature to assess efficiently the diverse numerical optimization algorithms investigated, being state-of-the-art gradient-based methods with very good convergency qualities. Additionally, artificial noise was superimposed onto the VLE fit results to evaluate the numerical optimization algorithms so that the calculation of molecular simulation data was mimicked. Large differences in the behavior of the individual optimization algorithms are found and some are identified to be capable to handle noisy function values.